Apply a function to each element of a vector and return a vector of cognostics data frames

map_cog(.x, .f, ...)



a list or atomic vector (see map for details)


a function, formula, or atomic vector (see map for details)


additional arguments passed on to .f (see map for details)


See map


# \donttest{ library(dplyr) library(tidyr) library(plotly) ggplot2::mpg %>% nest(data = !one_of(c("manufacturer", "class"))) %>% mutate( cog = map_cog(data, function(x) tibble(mean_hwy = mean(x$hwy))), panel = map_plot(data, function(x) { plot_ly(data = x, x = ~cty, y = ~hwy, type = "scatter", mode = "markers") }) ) %>% trelliscope(name = "city_vs_highway_mpg") # }