Trelliscope is a scalable, flexible, interactive approach to visualizing data. The trelliscopejs R package provides methods that make it easy to create a Trelliscope display specification for the Trelliscope JavaScript library trelliscopejs-lib. High-level functions are provided for creating displays from within dplyr (via summarise()) or ggplot2 (via facet_trelliscope()) workflows. Low-level functions are also provided for creating new interfaces.



To install the latest development version:


Here is a simple example using the ggplot2 interface. Using trelliscopejs in this way is as easy as swapping facet_wrap() with facet_trelliscope() and specifying some additional options.

Please see the package vignettes for more.


qplot(year, lifeExp, data = gapminder) +
  xlim(1948, 2011) + ylim(10, 95) + theme_bw() +
  facet_trelliscope(~ country + continent, nrow = 2, ncol = 7, width = 300)